Custom human FISH probe Green 5-Fluorescein dUTP

Custom human FISH probe Green 5-Fluorescein dUTP

€ 350,00

RPCI-11-custom clone FISH probe Orange 5-TAMRA dUTP, Green 5-Fluorescein dUTP, Red 5-ROX dUTP, Gold 5(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 6G dUTP or Aqua

Empire Genomics is pleased to announce the introduction of custom labeled Fluorescence in situ Hybridization FISH Probes for a range of molecular and cytogenetic applications.

Need help finding a BAC clone that covers your region of interest? Empire Genomics offers a free web based application that allows you to search our entire BAC library database by either Clone Name, Gene Name or by Chromosome Region.

Product Specifications:
< - Quantity: 2μg DNA
- Test Kits: 10 Reactions (20μL)
- ISH Buffer: 100 μL.

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