HB - II Probe Nucleix mix Set - Dual- Labeled Probe miRNA Multi Assay kitTM

HB - II Probe Nucleix mix Set - Dual- Labeled Probe miRNA Multi Assay kitTM

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IMAGE LEGEND: HB mIR Multi Assay Kit System II synthesizes cDNA of one specific miRNA and makes it possible to detect a specific miRNA target with high specificity with a target specific RT Primer


- HB_ II Nucleic mix Set - miRNA Multi Assay kitTM includes:

  • HB_ II Nucleic mix I                       :  HB_ II Specific RT Primer + dNTP
  • HB_ II Nucleic mix II                         : Extension Sequence + HB_ II Specific Primer
  • HB_ II Dual – Labeled Probe             : Probe + HB_ II 2X RT buffer


System 2: Detect specific microRNA with target-specific RT-Primer


  1. Synthesize cDNA by hybridization with HB Primer at the end of 3’ of the targeted miRNA.
  2. Form the final templates to amplify with HB Extension Sequence.
  3. Amplify the miRNA with Reverse Primer based on HB Extension Sequence and Forward Primer based on HB-RT primer.

HB - II Nucleic mix I: The HB_II Nucleic mix I is composed of the target-specific RT primer. The purpose of the primer is to extend the 3’end of the target miRNA.

HB - II RT Reaction kit: The HB_II RT Reaction kit includes HB_II 2X miR Multi buffer and HB_II miR Enzyme mix. cDNA is reverse transcribed from total RNA samples using HB_II Nucleic mix I and reagents from this kit.

HB_ II Real-time PCR Master mix kit: The HB_II Real-time PCR Master mix kit consist of HB_II 2X SYBR Green Master mix [or qPCR Master mix (dual-labeled probe)] and HB_II Oligo that are then used in real-time PCR, with HB_II Nucleic mix II.

HB_ II Nucleic mix II: The HB_II Nucleic mix II is used to quantify specific miRNA sequences in the cDNA. The primer mix and the extension sequence contains a part of the target miRNA sequence both of which are included in this kit.

HB_ II Dual-Labeled Probe: Dual-labeled probes have a reporter dye at the 5' end and a quencher at the 3' end. The HB_II Dual-labeled probes anneal specifically to a complementary sequence between the forward and reverse primer sites. The HB_II Dual-labeled probes are combined with the qPCR Master mix.



Protocol HB miRNA Multi Assay Kit System II

Protocol HB miRNA Multi Assay Kit System II - RNU6B Control